How to set up a Nevada corporation


The first thing you require is an original name in Nevada including a person’s name followed immediately by “Company”, “Limited”, “Corp”, or “Inc”. But just for security a name check is done to cover time consuming setbacks. A professional corporation is the one that offers services within one specific profession. Nevada LLC must contain the last name of its stockholders in its name followed by the abbreviations.

Next is the Articles of Incorporation. The number of incorporators, name and the addresses of all corporation directors (eligibility requirements other than 18 years of age are put down) and stock information must be filed under chapter 78 of the Nevada Revised Statutes and submitted to the Secretary of state. By choice additional provisions are included e.g. corporations specific purpose and how profits will be dispersed.

An individual can form a Nevada Corporation who is the State’s direct connection and receives all correspondence on behalf of the corporation as a resident agent. The agent must have a regular business office within the state line or residing in Nevada. He must sign a Certificate of Acceptance on the Articles of Incorporation.

To govern the affairs and practices of a corporation, by-laws are written which are then subsequently adopted by the board of directors but are not required to be part of the Articles. It’s a prerequisite for the organization to have a president, treasurer and secretary but all three titles can be held by one person.

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